Export and marketing strategy of Virgin Olive Oil Limited Edition

International Linkex team designed the company-union JaenCoop located in Jaen and dedicated to the production and marketing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a Export Strategy and Marketing based on the identification of a differentiation to compete in international markets.

Based differentiation limited edition which consisted extracted from the first campaign olives collected by the method of milking, resulting in an olive oil extra higher quality, as olives are not damaged, maintaining a very low level of acidity and peroxide less, namely, greater capacity of antioxidants that any other oil.

Subsequently, the report gave as strategic target market outside City Montreal, achieving market the Global Product Suitable (PGA) a POS Suitable (PVA) specializing in gourmet oils.

Exporting country: Spain
Foreign Market Objective: Montreal (Canada)
Aceite De Oliva
Aceite De Oliva