This section is intended to complement the main information website to those customers who could ever get over even a question about the services offered by Linkex International.

1. What is Linkex International?

It is a specialized foreign trade company specializing in the internationalization of SMEs in foreign markets consultancy. Represented by a team of professionals located in different parts of the world and specialized in different fields of business internationalization. The team has experience designing export strategies and export marketing business activities, departments in managing export and internationalization of companies, among others.

2. Who makes up the team Linkex International?

Professionals who have worked or are working on the updates in any company related to one or more fields of internationalization of the company. It's a team of international and multidisciplinary character, because they are located or residing in different parts of the world giving a closer look at each of the strategies and operational export customers made. Each of the professionals Linkex International has one or more specializations in the field of business internationalization, doing that is complementary and multidisciplinary team in the implementation of any project.

Some of the specialties are: export and marketing strategy, area legal internacional, area de marketing internacional, operational management of import and export, translation and design among others.

3. Why strategic methodology Linkex International?

If anything Linkex International differentiates itself from other consultancies, It is for its strategic methodology and updated daily challenges in foreign markets in addition to its operational efficiency in the implementation in each of the international trade. The strategy in international business is the diagnosis of the company, target identification, information gathering, performing the analysis and decision making. These steps should then be on the ground for testing and analyzed the execution or implementation of the strategy.

All of it, It serves to achieve business goals with less risk and possible error, in order to successfully make the internationalization of the company.

The strategic methodology Linkex International:

1. It requires analyzing each needed to make the right decision element.

2. It used to prevent and avoid possible risks or drawbacks.

3. It reduces the level of uncertainty and errors in execution.

4. It lets get results with lower costs ( time and money).

5. Avoid losing markets to offer a bad image with errors.

4. What kind of companies helps Linkex International?

Small and medium companies that want to start exporting or are already exporting and require specific support. Also focused for companies that need to optimize resources in a given international commercial operation.

5. In which sectors is specialized Linkex International?

Linkex International has worked with companies from different sectors. Foreign trade consultants, at the same time, They have been trained and have worked in various sectors, which has provided an overview of both industrial and consumer sectors.

6. Why Linkex International?

– They have worked in SMEs export departments from around the world and helping SMEs to export.

– They have opened and consolidated sales in America, Asia and Europe offering a global and strategic vision.

– It has a multilingual and international internal team: they speak English, Germany, italiano, French, Portuguese and Chinese.

– They work with a methodology proven successful since its inception.

– They provide practical services: SMEs know what they need and seek measurable results in the short and medium term.

– The unique methodology of analysis in the export strategy, It has a long professional record.

7. How can you help Linkex International?

You can help by each of its four international services or otherwise with specific services either on strategic issues, Legal, marketing or implementation.

It is important for the customer to define and expose in a detailed way your problem or issue so that the team can advise a more detailed and specific.